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GenCap Advisory is an independent Private Equity advisory firm dedicated to Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals. 

GenCap Advisory provides its clients with a complete outsourcing of all the activities related to direct Private Equity investments. 

GenCap Advisory focuses on direct investments in small and mid-cap Italian companies.

GenCap Advisory advises on and invests on behalf of its clients patient medium and long-term capital to finance growth plans of Italian companies.


Private Equity Advisory

Identifying factors

GenCap Advisory is a Private Equity boutique forged by several years of experience in corporate finance, M&A and Private Equity investments.

GenCap Advisory provides its clients with solid professional competence and experience matured in leading investment bank and Private Equity firm.

GenCap Advisory is characterized by rigorous business ethics towards its investors and business stakeholders.

We serve as the outsourced and independent private equity for Familiy Offices and High Net Worth individuals with a complete alignment of interests with our clients:

  • GenCap Advisory co-invests with its clients.
  • Sharing of upside through carried interest mechanism.

Private Equity Outsourcing

Our advisory services are addressed to Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals willing to accept the risk / reward ratio of Private Equity investments without sustaining the costs of an internal dedicated Private Equity office.

On behalf of its clients, GenCap Advisory manages in full the outsources of all activities of a private equity management team.

The services offered by GenCap Advisory comprise:

  • Sourcing and scouting of Private Equity investments.
  • Investments' due diligence and structuring.
  • Managing and monitoring of the portfolio company.
  • Portfolio company value enhancement.
  • Investment exit.

GenCap Advisory commits to full transparency to its investors through periodic portfolio companies' reports, regular updates on its activities and expenditures.

Entrepreneurs and Managers

GenCap Advisory provides entrepreneurs and managers with private and patient capital to finance the growth of their companies or solve generational succession problems.

Capital is sourced from highly regarded private investors with a long-term horizon that exceeds the average life of a typical Private Equity fund investment.

The portfolio companies of GenCap Advisory can leverage on a wide network of entrepreneurs, managers, investment banks, business consultants and legal advisors.


Where We Invest

GenCap Advisory typically invests in small and mid-sized Italian companies with strong fundamentals, run by solid and committed entrepreneurs and management teams.

GenCap Advisory follows an opportunistic approach, without industry focus, and invests in companies to support realistic growth plans, with a focus on their brands, products, technologies and market niches.

GenCap Advisory can also co-invests in bigger companies in partnership with Private Equity houses.

How We Invest

GenCap Advisory adopts a flexible approach in structuring its investments: we invest in buy-outs, minority deals, club deals and co-investments.

GenCap Advisory deploys private capitals in a form of majority acquisitions (leveraged buy-outs), capital increases, convertible loans, equity-like instruments with downside protection and upside sharing mechanisms.

Every investment of GenCap Advisory is structured with significant corporate governance and exit strategy rules to give its investors sufficient comfort of investment control and protection.


Michelangelo Mantero

Before founding GenCap Advisory, Michelangelo has been working for more than nine years at Vestar Capital Partners, a leading US Private Equity fund focused on investments in mid-cap companies.  

Prior to Vestar, Michelangelo was an investment banker at Merrill Lynch where worked in their New York, London and Milan offices.

Michelangelo also had industrial experiences having been a financial controller at the holding level of Edison and ABB Italia. 

Currently, Michelangelo is founding partner and Managing Director of Xenon Small Cap (, a private equity fund raised in 2020 from primary institutional investors. Xenon Small Cap invests into small Italian high value added B2B service businesses.

Graduated in Monetary Economics at Bocconi University in Milan, Michelangelo speaks Italian, English and French.

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The company has been sold in 2020 to Riello Investimenti Partners SGR.

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The company has been sold in 2022 to Investcorp Technology Partners.

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